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Are you too a #SlidesManiac?

Shout out to SlidesMania for creating so many unique and fun templates! I especially love the virtual notebooks!

Spent the better part of 4am researching SlidesMania and I am hooked! The templates are gorgeous, they include so many ways to differentiate and scaffold students’ thinking and are just plain awesome. Thanks for the amazing free resources for educators.

So, I’m adding a guided reading block, and things are finalizing. Aaaaand, where, oh, where, do you think I turned? SlidesMania OBVIOUSLY!!!! Such a stress relief to know that I can focus on the CONTENT!! <3 u!!!

SlidesMania has absolutely saved my life when it comes to designing interactive lessons. Also finding new ways to use Schoology to inspire more streamlined instruction has been helpful.

Just discovered SlidesMania and my life is forever changed.

I love SlidesMania! It’s so easy to find a slide template that I love and add my content to make it my own. Thank you, thank you!

I am normally not into fancy slide decks but SlidesMania is amazing! Paula’s creations are so creative and inspiring. And they are all free!! I am officially a #slidesmaniac

Just want to shout out SlidesMania for their AWESOME notebook slides templates! I just converted one into my library lesson planner and I LOVE it!

Just discovered SlidesMania and her AMAZING templates. I feel an all nighter coming on… I want to update all the things with these templates! #remotelearning

Can we just go on record for acknowledging SlidesMania for her contribution to virtual learning and pre-service preparation!?! 🏆🥇🏅