About SlidesMania

Hi! I am Paula, the gal behind SlidesMania.
I want to say that I am not a designer, nor an educator, and I am totally blown away by the support this project is having. I feel that saying thank you is not enough!

I’ve always had 9 to 6 jobs that had nothing to do with design or creativity. I’ve worked in financial departments almost all my life and was constantly surrounded by numbers and structured data. Because of this, the creative side of my brain was always trying to come out, and making templates became a fun hobby that allowed me to scratch that itch. That led to SlidesMania being born.

At first, almost every template was for general use, but once I jumped into the Twitterverse and started interacting with so many amazing educators from all over the world, SlidesMania began turning and I started working on templates for education. The ultimate push was given by the pandemic, and seeing myself working remotely for my day job, and having my daughter learning from home at the same time. The lack of organization, that we almost all suffered, got me thinking on templates to make the distance learning journey a bit easier. And the planners were born, along the choice boards, and all the interactive templates.

And now I’m happy I get to continue to help even a bit with what I do.

THANK YOU for being part of my little world!