My Portfolio – Paula Martínez

These are just a few examples of what I’ve created using just Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Click the images to try them!

Sound on!
Enter the elevator, choose your floor and visit different rooms! Click on the doors to enter and leave each room, and click the elevator to go to a different floor.
Easily navigate between tabs, and even add some extra activities within each day!

Ready to play? Make a review game or even a fun activity for P.E. Roll the die (move the pieces in edit mode) and click on the box to reveal the card. Click to see its backside and click the X to close it.
Open and close the drawers on click, “grab” a folder and click it to see what’s inside!
Create your own YouTube channel! Insert your videos and let your students navigate through this familiar interface!
Don’t have an LMS? No problem! Plan your week with this template! Each day has a main slide and buttons to 4 different activities or lessons.
Can you spot the lie? The letters a, b and c have links to each option and each option has link to move back or forward to the next statement. It even has a completion bar on the top.

Open a new tab and browse through your bookmarks. To go back, simply click on the X to close the tab.
Dropdown menus in Google Slides? Absolutely! Click on each title on the menu to display the dropdowns to navigate this template!