Welcome back to School! Fun slides theme.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Free fun template to celebrate we are back to school!

Ready to start school? We are almost there! You can use this fun template to welcome your students!

Not only it’s great as a Back to School theme, but also works for Math lessons (geometry, algebra) or for general use for Elementary or Middle school students.

I wanted it colorful, so I couldn’t just stick with the 6 accent colors, but I did use them. So if you want to change some things up, you can click on Slide > Edit theme, click on colors and change the theme colors.

Text and Background 1 and 2 are the background colors. Accents 1 and 2 are the backpack colors. Accents 3, 4, 5 and 6 are the colors of different illustrations such as the notebooks, the scissors, the eraser, the protractor, the pencil sharpener and the set-squares.

Illustrations such as the calculator, pencils, sticky notes and highlighters don’t use theme colors. Sorry!