Business Brochure / School Newsletter free template for Google Slides and PPT.

Launching a new business is exciting! But crafting the perfect introduction to potential customers can take time. This pre-designed template can help you quickly showcase your new venture. 

This template is easy to customize with your information, logos and images, allowing you to create a professional brochure in no time. It is also adaptable for other uses, like crafting a school newsletter or promoting an upcoming event.


To modify the text on the four tabs on top, simply click on Slide > Edit theme, and on the master layout (the one on top) and edit the texts to fit your needs, be careful not to delete them instead of edit them, those text boxes are linked to their corresponding page.

The titles on each page are Wordarts, so if you are a Google Slides user you need to double click them in order to edit them.

To change the images on the backgrounds of each page, right click them and select “Replace image”, once the image you want is set, select it and click on Format Options, I wanted them in Grayscale, so I clicked on Recolor and selected “Grayscale” if you don’t want this, skip this step. To adjust its transparency, click on Adjustments, and set its to Opacity 15%.

To adapt the colors to the colors of your brand or school, click on Slide > Edit theme, click on Colors and change the theme colors.

Once you have added all your information and images, you can click on File > Download PDF and all the navigational links will work.

And that’s it. Your e-brochure is ready to be sent out.