Can you guess who it is? SEL slides template with emojis.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Getting to know each other. Social Emotional Learning slides.

Can you guess who it is, is a fun template to be used in Edit Mode. If you are teaching face to face, hybrid or even full remote with some synchronous sessions, this template is perfect for you! You just have to share your screen.

To set it up click on Slide > Edit Theme. Once there you’ll have to complete each of the profiles (layouts).
To add your own images: Right click the examples (placeholders), select ‘Replace Image’ and replace it with your image.
Write three characteristics on each profile by double clicking each textbox.

If you need more layouts (profiles): on the master, right click an existing one and duplicate it. Then, add that new layout on the normal slides view, copy the covers from another slide and paste them on the new one.

To play: Uncover the first clue (you can delete the cover or move it outside of the slide). If no one knows who is it, uncover the second clue and so on.
When someone knows who is it, uncover the character, by removing the ? card.

This template can be used for much more than getting to know each other: you can name it “Can you guess what it is?” and use it for other topics, for example Math:

Clues: It’s a polygon – Has three sides – One angle measures more than 90º

And insert a picture of an Obtuse/Oblique Angle Triangle.

History or Social studies: giving three causes or consequences of an historic event, Geography: Naming three characteristics of a country… and more!

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