Cardtegories! Free game template.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Free game template for class reviews or family and friends gatherings.

Cardtegories! is a game template about ANYTHING! It’s sort of like Jeopardy where you have questions based on different categories.

You can use it for a review or to play among friends (don’t let them bet their apartment, though 😅).

This template includes a tutorial to set it up, a panel slide and 12 cards for each category for you to add the questions.

1. Set up the categories.

Decide the name for each category and use Find and Replace to update the whole deck.

2. Type the questions.

Type a question on each card. When done, arrange the cards (center and middle) so they stack on top of each other. Cut and paste them on the panel slide in their corresponding slot.

3. Name the teams.

Once the players have decided their team name, use Find and Replace to update the entire deck.

4. Time to play! Are you ready?

Click on the chosen category and delete its cover to reveal the question. If the team answers correctly, drag their name tag underneath the category name on the panel. If incorrect, you don’t need to do anything. Click on the question answered and delete it, so the cover will show again. You’ll need to repeat this for each question.

TIP: If you are a Google Slides user I recommend you get this Chrome Extension or the Bookmarklet, it will allow full screen while in edit. If you are a ppt user, simply drag the thumbnails divider to your left until they are minimized.

Oh! And to change its colors, simply edit the theme (Slide > Edit theme) and change the theme colors! (Click on colors and on Choose a theme color).