Dunham Free Template for Google Slides or PowerPoint Presentations

Dunham free pptx template or Google Slides theme

Free Template for PowerPoint or Google Slides Presentations Dunham

Dunham free template can work for different topics, just change its background image and change the yellow accent color and make it about whatever you need.

Outdoors, travel, nature, sports or even for a corporate presentation, Dunham works perfect!

I’ve used a blurred image for the background (PowerPoint users can blur images within the PowerPoint, Google Slides users have to use a third-party website or app). To change it, go to edit Master, select the first slide called MASTER (not the layouts) and go to Background and choose your image.

Customize its background and accent color.

For the cover page, I’ve used a cropped version of the same image but without blurring it. To replace the cropped image: Go to edit Master, right click on the image and select replace image.