File Cabinets interactive template. – The original, and free. –

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Creative interactive template for blended learning.

Inspired by the theme created by Mangai, I created this template with File Cabinets.

It has a ton of links hidden in the Master, so it’s for you to use in Present Mode. Each drawer opens and closes on click, inside each drawer there are 4 file folders, each file folder opens when you click on its label and once opened, you can click on it to see the file in it.

You can use it as a weekly planner and add 4 activities per day, or you can change the labels on the drawers and use it for different topics for professional development sessions, lessons or even as a choice board (students can choose 1 or 2 folders -activities- from each drawer) or whatever you can think of! The sky is the limit!

To change the labels on the drawers: Go to Edit > Find and Replace! Same goes for the titles (Topics) of each folder. Just keep in mind that the labels are small, and a long title won’t look pretty.