Free Digital ring binder with pastel colors editable in PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Organize Your Digital Life with This Pastel-Colored Ring Binder, free for PowerPoint and Google Slides.

This free digital ring binder, available in editable formats for PowerPoint and Google Slides, is the perfect tool for streamlining your digital life. With its eight customizable tabs and easy navigation, you can keep your notes, documents, and other important files neatly organized and easily accessible.

Versatile for School, Handbooks, Recipes, and More

Whether you’re a student managing schoolwork, a professional creating handbooks, a home cook compiling recipes, or a personal journal enthusiast, this versatile ring binder can accommodate your needs. Use it to categorize and store your vast array of digital content, ensuring that everything is always within reach.

Effortless Navigation with Tabs and Table of Contents

Quickly navigate to the specific section you need using either the labeled tabs (in presenter mode) or the comprehensive table of contents with links on them. To edit the tabs, click on Edit > Find and Replace. Or click on Slide > Edit theme, and on the master layout (the one on top bigger than the rest) simply edit the text on each tab.

Personalize with Editable Pastel Colors

Express your style by customizing the binder’s pastel colors to match your preferences. Easily modify the colors to create a look that suits your personality or project theme. Simply click on Slide > Edit theme and there you will be able to modify the theme colors.

Save as PDF for Compatibility

Once you’ve personalized your digital ring binder to your liking, save it as a PDF file for added versatility. This allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your preferred note-taking app.