My Journey, interactive and animated fun timeline.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Cool animated timeline, life is like a roller coaster!

This interactive template works as an original infographic where you can highlight different milestones of your life or different events or steps of any given topic.

This roller coaster theme comes with to sets of slides, one animated and a simple one that doesn’t have the cars gifs. I’ve added a non animated version just in case the gif makes the deck run slowly. Use the one that works best for you.

I used theme colors for everything except the animated roller coaster cars (those are images and if you want to change its colors, you’ll need to change the accents first and then on the Theme, you’ll need to select the gifs and recolor them) To change the accents, click on Slide > Edit theme, click on colors and change the theme colors.

Text and background 1 and 2 and accent 1 are the colors that make the gradient for the background (you can modify the background colors here or you can simply change the background colors). Accents 2 and 3 are the colors of the buildings in the background. Accent 4 is the color of the roller coaster rail. And accents 5 and 6 are the colors of the cars on the non-animated version of this deck.

How to add more milestones? Or have less?

It comes with 6 milestones already linked for you to add your content, if you need less, delete the year tag and the “click here” icon (little hand) – please note that the click here icon has a transparent shape on top that has a link, so be sure to delete both things. Once you have deleted the extra milestones, delete the slide or slides that corresponded to them.

If you need to add more, select a year tag along with a “click here” icon and its transparent shape (hold shift while selecting) and copy and paste them (Ctrl + C and Ctrl + V) or duplicate them (Ctrl + D) and place them anywhere on the slide (even below the rail). Now, duplicate any popup slide and go back to the “milestones” slides. On the new “click here” icon, click on the link (the transparent shape on top of it) and click on edit link and select the new slide that you have duplicated. Repeat this as many times you need.