Free interactive Family Tree template for Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Bring Family Histories to Life! Free Interactive Family Tree Template for Google Slides & PowerPoint.

This long-awaited interactive family tree template is here to make learning about ancestry engaging and fun for your students.

Easy to use, engaging to explore:

  • Add pictures and personalize: Populate the pre-made family member placeholders with photos and names.
  • Interactive storytelling: Each placeholder links to a dedicated slide where students can write about their family member’s life and achievements.
  • Need more space? There are additional placeholders below the tree slide, ready to be added for even larger families.

Benefits for students:

  • Deepen understanding: Explore family history firsthand through research and writing.
  • Strengthen communication skills: Share stories and connect with classmates through their family backgrounds.
  • Develop critical thinking: Analyze and reflect on personal heritage and its impact.


  • Encourage students to use pictures, videos, or even audio recordings to enrich their presentations.
  • Celebrate diversity and encourage respectful discussion about different family structures and traditions.

No more static family trees! This interactive template sparks curiosity, encourages research, and fosters a deeper appreciation for family history.

Download now and watch your students’ family stories come alive!