Learning Management System platform slides template.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Free interactive LMS template based in slides, 100% customizable.

For those whose school does not provide a Learning Management System, I’ve created this weekly planner that emulates an LMS platform. The best of all, it’s FREE and because it’s made in Google Slides is super easy to use.

I’ve included a home with a month calendar, schedule, Mon – Fri, live sessions, contact and an archive tab. If you want to replace these icons, you can go to Slide > Edit Theme, select the theme layout and change them, beware that on top of the icons there are transparent shapes with links, so select them and move them before you try to delete icons. When you are done, you can place the shapes back.

Each day of the week has 10 sections within it, you can use these for groups, subjects, topics or units.

You can rename each section by clicking on Edit > Find and Replace. Find: Section A, Replace with: Your Title. 

Or go to Slide > Edit Theme and edit them manually. The highlighted section is not on the master, but on each slide.  If you edit the master, be careful with the links since all the navigation is there.

If you need less than 10 sections, remove the extra sections (slides) within each day and then go to Slide > Edit Theme and remove the titles on each layout. If for some days you need 10, but for some less, just delete the sections (slides) and the text on the layout for those specific days.

If you want to change colors, edit the Theme and change the accents. 

This file is meant to be shared with students and families in present mode. Click on File > Publish to the web, choose link and share that link. Or click on share, choose anyone with the link can view, get the link and replace everything from /edit to the end of the URL with /preview?rm=minimal and share that link with your students and their families.