Frogtastic! Fun free digital board game template.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Free interactive gameboard template for the little ones (and for the not so little too!)

If you are thinking on creating some fun end of the year activities, this template is perfect!

To set it up, simply add your questions, activities or challenges and type the answers – if needed – on the answer slides.

Click to watch the video

It comes with 6 frogs (players), but you can duplicate them as many times you need. To add the player’s name or group number (if you are playing with groups) double click where it says “Player X”, type the name and hit enter. Repeat this for every frog.

All the linking is done for you. Every number will take you to a question / challenge slide and on each question slide you can click on the frog to go back to the board or click on the “Click to reveal the answer” button to go to the answer slide. On the answer slide you can click on the “go back to the question” button or click on the frog to go back to the board.

This template has to be used in EDIT mode in order to be able to move the frogs, so if you want the full screen experience, for Google Slides users, I recommend this Chrome extension and if you can’t install extensions you can try the Bookmarklet version (this is the one I personally use). If you are a PowerPoint user, simply drag the thumbnails out of the way.

You can use a real die, Google “Roll a die” for a dice widget or install this Dice Slides add-on!