How to add placeholders for images in Google Slides

Setting image placeholders in Google Slides

Many teachers asked me how to add image placeholders in Google Slides, to give their students a size, place or shape reference of the images they had to insert.

As of today (Feb. 2021), Google Slides does not offer this feature, but… there is an easy workaround!

First of all, you’ll need a “fake” placeholder. This fake placeholder can be done with any image. On the video below I use a picture of a placeholder (included on the template at the end of this post).

You just have to set its size and shape (you can use the mask tool to give your placeholder the looks of any of the available shapes in Google Slides).

The only instruction you’ll need to give to your students or anyone using your template is that instead of inserting images, they have to right click the image placeholder, select: ‘Replace Image’ and then choose from the menu. Once they found the image they want to use, ask them to click on REPLACE. And that’s all! The new image will have the same size and shape as your placeholder!

Follow this video along, and you’ll see how easy this workaround is!

You can use the image placeholders included in the template below (just copy and paste them on the SlidesMania template you are using), I’ve even added some different ones created in PowerPoint.