How to create digital stickers using IconsMania

Creating fun and customizable digital stickers with IconsMania

As many of you know, I recently launched a second project called IconsMania, a growing collection of free fully editable icons and illustrations for people like you and me. No need for a professional design software to edit them!

It has a few collections available at this moment, but I’m adding more every week, so be sure to bookmark it!

Creating Digital Stickers

Scroll down if you rather watch the video 🙂

First, create your Google Slides base, go to your Drive, and Click on New > Google Slides. Remove the placeholders and go to File > Page Setup, select custom and type 4 x 4 inches.

Then click on “Background” select color, and choose transparent. Click on “Add to theme” and “Done”.

Go to and choose the icon collection you like the most, click on “I’m a Google user” for a copy in Google Slides. Once the collection is in your Drive, copy the icon you like and paste it on the base we have just created.

Duplicate the icon (control + D) and select the one in the back. Click on fill color, and choose white, same for the border line. Now, select 24 px for border weight. Select both, and click on Arrange > Align > Center and Arrange > Align > Middle.

You can use the sticker as it is right now, but if you want to add some custom text, go to insert > Word art. Type in your text and hit enter. Now, select fill and border color white, and 24 px for border weight. Duplicate your Word art, remove its border color (select border color transparent) and change its fill color. Select both to change their font.

Once you are happy with the result, click on File > Download > PNG Image and done! You can now use the digital stickers in your presentations, digital notebooks or planners!

Need ready made stickers?

Casey McCullough created a BUNCH of stickers using this tutorial and and kindly shared them! You can find them here.