How to Create Icons for your Google Slides using AutoDraw

Even though there are a lot of sites where you can find free icons, sometimes you want to create your own.

If you’re like me and drawing is not one of your strengths, you can use AutoDraw.

When you go to you are presented with a blank canvas where you can draw anything you like, and this tool will do the magic for you.

If you need a lightbulb icon, you can draw one, and AutoDraw will ask you what you meant. Among the pictures that offers you, you’ll find what you intended to draw! Click on it and voila!

You have to keep in mind two things:

The drawing you create will be saved as an image, so changing its color for any other you like, won’t be that easy. So if you prefer, you can choose the color you want beforehand or you can save it in blue, and use the Format Options in Google Slides, select Recolor, and choose among the given theme colors (or change the theme colors for more options). OR… check out the video below and find out how to convert it into an editable shape!

The image will be saved in PNG format, but its background will not be transparent, it will be white. To fix that, you’ll have to go to and remove its background.

Let the icon creation begin!

Did you like the template featured in the video? Check out Gasper!

If you have time, you can convert the PNG file into an editable shape.

You’ll have to download your PNG file, and go to, upload your image and select Vector > SVG. Once converted, download the file.

Now go to Cloud Convert, upload your SVG and choose Vector > EMF. Upload the resulting image to your Drive and open it with Google Drawings, now you can copy it and paste it in your Google Slides, and it’s an editable shape! You can change its color, add a border line and resize it without loosing quality!