How to Create Stickers using Google Slides

Create stickers and badges using Google Slides
Create stickers and badges using Google Slides

Create Stickers using Google Slides

If you are using Katie Digital Planner or the School Planner, you can add custom stickers made in Google Slides. You can even add the stickers to other presentation slides decks or to applications such as GoodNotes or Notability.

Open Google Slides and go to File > Page Setup, select Custom and set its size to 480 x 480 px.

Click on background, select Transparent and click on Add to theme.

Background color: Transparent and click on Add to theme

Create one Sticker Per Slide.

Add a shape, your Bitmoji or WordArt to your slide, change its background color, and add a thick border line. I’ve chosen a white border to emulate real stickers. Also I added a drop shadow, because I like the effect, but you can skip that step. (If you don’t use drop shadow you won’t see the white border line, even though it’s there and you’ll see it once you download the sticker).

Once you are happy with the result, go to File > Download > PNG image.

Now you can drag them to your digital planner or Go to Insert > Image > Upload from computer. Or create a folder in your Google Drive for all your stickers and add them from there.

You can get a copy of this template here.

If you want, you can turn your digital stickers into actual stickers! You can do so with StickerMule. If you use the following link you get $10 credit (and I’ll also get $10 credit for the “I’m a SlidesManiac” stickers!)

Custom Stickers, Die Cut Stickers, Bumper Stickers - Sticker Mule