How to find the perfect font for your Google Slides!

Not sure how to find the perfect font for your presentation? There are different types of fonts, each of one is intended for certain uses: Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwriting and Monospace.

What would be the use of the font you are looking for? A title? A body text? Is your work going to diplayed digitaly or will it be printed? Once you answered these questions you will be ready to start your search.

What’s a Serif Font?

Serif fonts are those that have a small extra stroke found at the end of the main vertical and horizontal strokes, for example the Times Roman. Great for printed work.

What’s Sans Serif font?

Sans means without, so this font, does not have the extra stroke. These fonts are simpler and perfect for digital work. One known example would be Arial.

What’s a display font?

A display font is a typeface intended for titles and large sizes of headings. They are more eccentric and there are various types. It is not recommended you use a Display Font for body text.

What’s a Handwriting font?

Like its name indicates a handwriting font is a typeface that looks like it’s been done by hand. They are great to add a fun and unique touch to your designs.

What’s a Monospace font?

A monospace font is a font whose letters and characters each occupy the same amount of horizontal space.

Now that you know the different types of fonts there are, you can go to Google Fonts. Type your title on the Type Something box to see how it will look with different fonts.

Narrow your search by deselecting categories: Serif, Sans Serif, Display, Handwriting or Monospace.


Once you find the font you like, go to your Google Slides file and search for it by clicking on ‘More Fonts’

Now it’s ready to use in your presentation!

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