How to make custom headers and banners with Google Slides.

How to make custom headers and banners with Google Slides.

How to make custom headers and banners for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Classroom and Google Forms.

I always say that I love Google Slides and PowerPoint because they are design tools at everyone’s reach.

So, let’s get creative and design our own custom headers using Google Slides!

First of all, you’ll have to open a blank Google Slides file and click on File > Page Setup and Select Custom size and the unit of measure should be set to Pixels.

The size of your file will depend on the type of header you want to create:

For Twitter: 1500 x 500 px.

For Facebook: 820 x 312 px.

For LinkedIn: 1584 x 396 px.

For Google Classroom: 800 x 200 px.

For Google Forms: 1600 x 400 px.

Now that you have your blank canvas set with the right measures, it’s time to create!

Change the background color, add your texts (remember to use Word Art for some extra sparkles), shapes, emojis, bitmojis, images, quotes, whatever represents you!

Tip: Do not add images as backgrounds (they will probably get stretched and it won’t look pretty. Go to Insert > image. Then just resize them and crop them to fit your needs.

Once you are done, simply download your slide as JPEG or PNG.

If you want to save time, I’ve prepared the templates for you to customize below.

For the headers that will be partially covered by a profile picture (such us Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn), I’ve added a circle where your image will be so you can avoid adding important content there, since it won’t show. Remember to delete the circle before you save your header as image.

Image: Unsplash

Custom Headers for Twitter

Custom Headers for Facebook

Custom Headers for LinkedIn

Custom Headers for Google Classroom

Google Classroom Custom Header

Using SlidesMania’s resources to customize your Headers

You can use the graphics provided with the templates to customize your headers.

Choose your template, go to Slide > Edit Master and copy the shapes! Here are some headers I made using Garner and Koch!

Custom Headers for your Google Forms