How to match colors in Google Slides.

How to match colors in google slides

If you have worked with PowerPoint, you know that it has a built in eyedropper, so matching colors is a piece of cake. But if you are a Google Slides user, you need to get your hands on a Chrome extension to help you out.

I’ve been using ColorZilla and Eye Dropper, both work great!

Once you have the extension an eyedropper will be added to your Chrome toolbar. Simply click on it to activate it.

Hover with your mouse pointer the picture, shape or text that has the color that you want to match, then click on it. It will copy the HEX code to your clipboard.

Select the text or shape that you want to color, go to text color, border color or fill, depending on what you want, select CUSTOM and paste the HEX color. That’s it!