How to use SlidesMania’s planners on OneNote.

Yes, I know this is not a Google Slides How to, but thought it might be useful!

You can use SlidesMania’s planners on OneNote!

Please note that the links will not work, we’ll use OneNote’s sections and pages for navigation. And to set the planner we will need to work on OneNote for Windows 10 – the web version doesn’t allow you to set images as backgrounds.

First, download the PowerPoint version of the template, then delete all the comments on Notes, Birthdays, To-Do and Week View.

Once you deleted all the texts you won’t need, download the pptx as Images (PowerPoint web version) or Save as, and select JPEG from the dropdown on the desktop version.

Then, go to OneNote for Windows 10 and create a Notebook and name it. And within that notebook create different sections for Months, Weeks, Notes, Birthdays and To-Do.

Within each section add different pages, for example, within “Months”, create a page called Cover, another called August, another called September and so on.

On the page for the Cover, go to Insert > Pictures > From File, and select the jpeg file of the Cover. Select it, resize it, right click on it and select: Set Picture as Background. Same for each page / month.

Repeat for each section.

Once you have your backgrounds all set, you can start planning! You can type or even draw! And, you can now access your planner from everywhere using the web version of OneNote!

Here is a screencast of the process for a more visual step by step.