Digital board game, interactive slides template.

Digital Board Game, an interactive template for Google Slides

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Digital gameboard template with clickable spaces and cards.

You can use this interactive template for online learning if you are doing some synchronous sessions with your students. But it can also be fun for when schools reopen, and we all go back to “normal”.

You put the game rules, so it can be used for any subject. Just write the instructions for your game on the second slide and then add 21 activities. If you don’t want to use all the slides, you can add some “Free Passes” to some of the cards.

It comes with 6 pawns, but you can duplicate them if you need more. Also, you can change their fill color.

Keep in mind that for you and your students to be able to move the pawns, this template has to be used in Edit mode.

The colors of the template are given by the Theme Colors, therefore if you want to change them, as usual, go to Slide > Edit Theme, Select Colors, click on Choose a theme color and change accents 1 to 6.

I really wanted to add a die within the template, and the best I came up with was to make a video for you to play and pause. – Not too happy with the black frames it has…I tried my best, though. –

If you don’t want to use the “video die”, Twitter World came to the rescue and gave me some options!

First option: Have two tabs open in your browser, one with the template and another with this online die. This idea came from Tech Know Math and Sean Fahey Thank you!

And second option: I’ve added a script created by Alice Keeler you can get a copy of her template with the script on her site: AliceKeeler.Com. Thank you Mandi Tolen for letting me know about this!

You just have to click on Dice and choose how many dice you want to roll; a pop up will open with the number you have rolled.

The first slide has the links to each card. The zone I’ve marked below in yellow, is where the links are (I did not cover the boxes because the pawns will be moving, so, to avoid deleting links, I just added a little zone on each box). And each activity card slide has an X that has a link to the first slide.

I really hope you and your students enjoy this template! And if you want, you can give me a shout in Twitter and show me how you used it! I’d love to see it!

UPDATE: Now, all cards have a backside that you can see on click to reveal answers! Or to add more info!

If you want a Spanish Version of this template, you can get it here. Thank you Cat for adapting it!