Interactive lesson planner template, a one-stop shop.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Lesson plan like a boss with this free interactive template. Organize your lessons, resources and activities and present them to your students in this one-stop shop learning station.

Gather all the resources (videos, images, links and text) in this template and deliver your lessons like a boss. Perfect for blended learning.

You can use the Lesson Overview slide for your morning meetings too!

To edit the names of the folders, click on Slide > Edit theme and edit the names in layout 001 and in the “Theme” (the one on top bigger than the rest)
Or use Edit > Find and Replace!

Remember that when working with linked slides, if you need more slides per “folder” you need to duplicate an existing slide within that folder. You can copy and paste the “previous” and “next” buttons – they already are linked to go back or forth.

If you wish to change its colors, check out this how to and change its accents!

If you need more folders, it will require to edit the theme. Copy and paste and existing one on the theme slide, and save the new folder in your clipboard, then close the theme (master) and duplicate any slide within a folder, paste the folder icon on top of the new one and make it a bit bigger. Insert a transparent shape on top of the new folder and link it to the new slide. Copy and paste this linked shape on each slide.