Introduce yourself. A Back to School Template.

meet the teacher

A template for teachers.

As a mom, I would love to know more about my daughter’s teachers. So why not create a newsletter using Google Slides to send out to parents? Or even use it as a way for the students to introduce themselves to you and the rest of the class.

Following you will find a little tutorial on how to make a PDF newsletter. And of course, you can also download this template.

I am going to use some resources from our Faber theme (remember that you can use the resources provided on most our templates by simply going to “Slide” and then “Edit Master”, there you can select the slide and copy / paste the desired illustration or shape.)

We are going to New -> Google Slides -> Blank presentation

Making a newsletter 1

Then, go to File -> Page Setup…

page setup 2

I am going to choose “Custom” – 2480 x 3508 pixels (A4 paper size)

size 3

Now that I have my slide, I am going to copy some pencils from our Faber Template and paste them on my newsletter:

pencils 4

I changed the background color and added titles and shapes (I chose Ranchers font for the headings and Poppins for the paragraphs). I have used a character from our Brady theme to show where your picture could be.

background and shapes 5

Once you have written your likes/dislikes, your education, hobbies, books you love, anything you would like to share, you are ready to save it as PDF and send out your Meet the Teacher newsletter to parents.

ready 6

Go to File -> Download as -> PDF Document (.pdf)

download as pdf 7

Here you can see how our example looks like in PDF -> Meet the Teacher PDF.

Now that your presentation is ready, you can ask your students to do the same thing.