My class Jukebox, interactive and animated template.

Free interactive Jukebox Google Slides and PowerPoint template.

With this free template you can add music tracks created by your students and ask them to create their album cover too!

To set it up: Click on Insert > Audio (or video and place it outside of the slide limits), and set them to play automatically – for audio files, check “Hide icon when presenting” and “Stop on slide change”. Repeat this on each “track slide”.

To edit the name of the tracks, click on Edit > Find and Replace, Find: Track XX – Replace with: X Name. Click on Replace all. Please note that the names should be short in order to fit each button.

Buttons are already linked to their corresponding slides and I’ve used theme colors, so you can modify them by editing the theme.

Once done, click on Slideshow and you are ready to play with your Jukebox! Enjoy!