Simple Weekly Planner for Distance Learning with hyperlinks for easy navigation

A simple weekly planner for Online Lessons for Google Slides or PowerPoint.

A new weekly planner for educators! Using just one file to compile all your resources (videos, audios, images and text) for each day, makes distance learning a bit easier and gives structure to your students.

I’ve added an “Archive” tab, where you can add buttons with links to the previous weeks files. Once the week is complete, make a copy of your planner, name it after the week it corresponds to and add a link to it in the Archive.

Delete the content of the past week in the main file, and add the new one. You will be always working in the same file, and its URL will never change. Students will be able to navigate from the “main file” to the archives.

You can easily change its fonts and accent colors by editing the master.

To change its colors: Go to Slide > Edit Master, click on Colors and click on Choose a theme Color, select the ones marked here and change them for any color you like!

You can also change the icon on the cover to match your subject, or add a bitmoji or images.

To change the texts on the labels: Go to Edit> Find and Replace, write the day of the week or the activity name and replace with your texts.

To change its fonts: Go to Slide > Edit Master, click on the Master Layout, select title and body and change their fonts.

How to hide the navigation bar in Google Slides so it doesn’t get in the way while navigating using the links?

Go to share, get the link and replace everything from /edit to the end of the URL with /preview?rm=minimal