Student digital weekly planner template.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Free Student planner with editable colors and clickable tabs.

Ms. Ellman asked me if I had any student planners, so I adapted the Digital Journal. Hope this version helps students stay organized.

Choose one weekly layout: Days of the week on top or Subjects on top. Delete the layouts you won’t be using. (I’ve pre added 5 weeks for each layout).

Do not add slides, always duplicate them so you’ll have the links and the tables ready. Otherwise you’ll have to insert them again.

Drag you current week/slide to the top to always have it handy.

You can also cut and paste the bookmark on your current week.

The yellow piece of “paper” is for you to add notes. You can copy/paste it and add it to any week.

I’ve included 4 tabs: Notes, To Do, Projects and Other. You can change these titles by clicking on Edit > Find and Replace.

If you need to change subjects, you can also use Find and Replace or click on Slide > Edit Master and change them there. If you need to add more subjects, you’ll need to redo / update the tables.

If you want to change colors, go to Slide > Edit Theme and change Theme Colors.