Elevator, interactive lesson template.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Take your lessons to the next level with the elevator template!

Well, as I said on Twitter, it all started with me trying to illustrate an elevator… and after that, things got out of hand. I wasn’t sure if it was going to be useful, so I asked for help… and the responses have blown my mind! Make sure you read all the comments here.

Many responded “Elevator pitches” – Thank you Lissa, Jessica, Cherelle, Susan, Mel, Alison, Jessica, Kathleen, Stephanie, and also look at this great idea from Lesleigh!

Others responded to use it for “Choice Boards” – Thank you Donna, Nicole, Jennifer, Liz, and Ryan!

Other ideas were: Virtual stations, escape rooms, lesson plan units, to build virtual campuses, to design interactive rooms (hello bitmoji classrooms!), presenting grammar ordered by difficulty level, great for an assessment review with different focus points: each floor could be a topic with activities and resources, and many, many, more ideas!

Thank you all for your answers! I’m sorry I didn’t get to include all of you here! Be sure I read every single one! THANK YOU!

Every slide is linked. To start, click on the elevator door, once there, you can click on any button to take you to the chosen floor. Once you are on the floor, you can click the doors to go to the rooms or click the elevator to go back to it.

Now, to customize this template, if you are a Google Slides user, watch this video. And if you are a PowerPoint user, check out this one.

Again, THANK YOU!!