Find the Treasure, interactive slides template.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Many clues and a chest full of gold. Fun interactive template.

I received a special request for a “scratch-off” choice board template, where students use an eraser tool to uncover the “layer”, or even use an object to reveal what is underneath the “layer” to see the task.

I couldn’t create a scratch-off template using Google Slides because it doesn’t have an eraser tool, only the desktop version of PowerPoint has it so far, so I thought of these chests that open on click. Once the chest is open, you can click on the number (or change it for something else) and it will take you to the task slide. Or if you are using this template for vocab, you can remove the links to the task slides and just use the open chests for your vocabulary words.

The key on the upper right corner will take you to the slide with the closed chests. And on the last task slide, there is an open chest on the bottom left that will take you to the treasure slide.

If you wish to change the main color of the chests, go to Slide > Edit Theme, click on ‘Colors’, click on ‘Choose a theme color’ and change accents 2 to 6.