Which is it? Interactive trivia game template.

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Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Customizable Trivial Pursuit Live slides template.

Have you ever played Trivial Pursuit Live? Well, I have and so has my daughter and we love it! When you are on the last round of the game, you see a statement and two options below. You have to select the option for which that statement is true.

You can use the same two options for the whole game. For example, if you are teaching about WWI and WWII you can use these as your options and write statements that are true for one or the other on each slide.

Or you can use different options for different subjects. That’s up to you! You can even toss in some random fun facts to mix it up! Maybe about a movie that you students are all watching, or about TV series or even a game!

You can scroll down for the video instructions.

To set it up click on Slide > Edit Theme

On the first slide (single layout) you can change its title.

And now it’s time to start adding statements, facts, historic events, geographical information, etc. And start typing your options (you can add up to 24 different statements). If you choose to use the same two options for the whole game, I’d recommend you click on “Edit >Find and Replace” Find: Option 1, Replace with: Your Option, and click on Replace all. Same steps for Option 2.

When you have the title ready, the statements and the options set… it’s time to close the master theme and work on the slides.

I’ve marked some slides as “skipped when presenting”, don’t worry, I just did that so you know you don’t have to touch those slides.

Now, below each “hidden” slide there are two copies of that slide, on the first one, you’ll need to drag the green (correct) or red (incorrect) shape and place it on top of the option on the LEFT. And delete the shape you won’t be using or just move it outside the slide limits.

On the second copy, you have to drag the green or red shape and place it on top of the RIGHT option, and again, delete or move outside the slide the shape that you won’t be using.

Repeat these steps for every statement that you have added on the master.

This template has something around 160 links, so be careful when working on the slides because that’s where the links are!

Once everything is set, it’s time to publish it to the web or click present, depending on your situation, and start playing!

Setting up Which is it? Trivia Game

If when presenting, for some reason, the nav bar covers the “next” button, I’d recommend you use this hack instead: Click on Share, select anyone with the link can view, get the link and replace everything from /edit to the end of the URL with /preview?rm=minimal and use that link or share that link with your students.

As I said before, you can use a different set of options for each statement, as in the preview below, or you can use the same set of options for the whole game. See an example here.