True or False, interactive slides template.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

True or false fun game presentation template.

This time I created a template for a True or False activity.

You can add up to 15 questions. If you need more, I’d recommend you work on more than one file (if you need up to 30 use two files, and so on). If you need less, go to Slide > Edit Master and on the Master Layout (the one on top bigger than the rest) select the stars you won’t be using and delete them, then, just delete their corresponding slides.

Each star opens a slide with a question or affirmation, where your students can choose to click on True (Green button) or False (Red button). Each button is linked to a slide, the True Button will take you to a “Green” slide, where you can write: “Yes, it is true” and some text or “No, it is not true” and some text. And the False Button will take you to a “Red” slide where you can write: “Yes, it is false”, or “No, it is not false” and some text.