TV & remote cool choice board template.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Make your choice boards more visual and cool with this free template.

Yes, I know that you can post assignments directly on most Learning Management Systems, and send a list of links with videos for your students to choose from, but… What if we make it a bit more fun?

Add your instructions for each channel on the menu and then insert videos on their corresponding slides (resize them to fit the frame). Once ready, simply publish it to the web (File > Publish to the web) or share it in present mode (click on Share > Select anyone with the link can view, copy the URL and replace everything from /edit to the end of the URL with /present)

Press play and watch this template in action!

Your students will be able to use the remote control to move between slides! If you want to use less than 10 channels, you can copy and paste the static gif on as many channels you need and simply add a “no signal” text on their corresponding menu slides.

To edit the background and change the print hanging on the wall, click on Slide > Edit theme, click on the THEME layout (the one on top bigger than the rest) and replace the image for one you like.

To edit the list of channels and their icons, you’ll need to edit that layout in particular. Go to Slide > Edit Theme and edit the layout called “003 Menu”.

Slide 1 is not meant to be modified, it has a hidden gif and an animated shape that make up the “turning off” effect that you see when in present mode.

You can try it out below! Press the power button and start interacting with this cool free template!