Two Truths and One Lie, interactive slides template.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Ice breaker template. Can you spot the lie?

Two Truths and One Lie is a fun group-based game that you can play with your students to review a unit or lesson, or as an ice breaker.

To set it up, simply add your content on the slides. It comes with 10 slides for statements, and each statement has 3 options (2 for truths and 1 for a lie).

The letters a, b, and c on the statement slides have the links to their corresponding slides (so be careful not to delete them by mistake). Each option slide has two buttons, one will take you back to the statement (Back), and the other one will take to the next one (Next).

You can use this template as it is, or you can use it for a multiple choice game with your students, use one the options for the right answer and the other two as “try again” slides.

Another option is to use it as a Choice Board, have your students select one activity within each category.