Web app template. Weekly Planner for remote learning.

A weekly lesson planner with a web app-like design.

A new weekly planner for educators! Using just one file to compile all your resources (videos, audios, images and text) for each day, makes distance learning a bit easier and gives structure to your students.

This one features a calendar on the first slide that you can update by editing the master. It includes 4 activities per day. You can navigate to them within each day.

If you wish to change its colors, go to Slide > Edit Theme and modify its accent colors.

To update the month calendar, go to Slide > Edit theme and modify the table.

I’ve added an “Archive” tab, where you can add buttons with links to the previous weeks files. Once the week is complete, make a copy of your planner, name it after the week it corresponds to and add a link to it in the Archive.

If you wish to hide the navigation bar in Google Slides when sharing the link:

Go to share, get the link and replace everything from /edit to the end of the URL with /preview?rm=minimal