Yearbook template. Colorful shapes or leather covers.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Digital scrapbook slides template to collect photos and memories.

I got asked for a photo template, something like a yearbook to collect pictures and notes, so here it is. I’ve included slides with different placeholders for images (right click them and select ‘Replace Image’) but you can create any layout that you can think of!

It comes with two different covers, one of them is made with shapes. So if you like this one, but you want to change its colors, edit the theme and change the theme colors.

For this example I used the following HEX codes: 000000, efefef, e81a4b, 004c7a, 0070b4, 00aeef, 2e3192, ffc50b, 0070b4, f4783b

The second cover is made with a leather image. If you want to recolor the leather you can do that too! If the recoloring options don’t suit your needs, change the theme colors, and the recoloring options will update.

To select the image on the layout that has the pages, use TAB to move between shapes. You’ll reach the image by hitting TAB twice.

The recoloring options come from the HEX color codes mentioned before.

And if you don’t like the shapes or the leather, you can edit the theme, click on the leather picture and select replace image and create your own cover.