YouTube Channel interactive template.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Free Template to create video playlists, your class channel or video lessons.

Since YouTube doesn’t allow playlists to be made from videos that are intended for kids, with this template you can create your playlists in Google Slides and keep the YouTube esthetics.

You can also use this template to insert your video lessons or to create a channel for your class, where your students can ‘upload’ their creations.

As usual, to change any text that’s locked in the master (Such as: YourClassTube, Home, Title One to Five, Miscellaneous and Archive) click on Edit > Find and Replace

Find: Title One

Replace with: Week One

You can even use this template as a weekly planner to deliver lessons and activities to your students by replacing the titles with the days of the week.

To change the cover image, right click on it and select Replace image:

This time I’m not using theme colors.

I’ve added First pages, middle pages and Last pages for every “TITLE”. If you only need one, delete the one in the middle and the last one and remove the navigation arrow on the first one.

If you only need two pages, remove the middle one. And if you need more than 3 pages, duplicate the middle one as many times you need. This way you don’t have to place the navigation arrows and their links.