Daily and monthly planner free template.

Daily planner free PowerPoint Template and Google Slides Theme

Stay organized and on track with this daily and monthly planner!

This planner is perfect for anyone who wants to stay organized and on track with their busy lives. It features monthly and daily layouts to track your goals and take notes.

I’ll be updating this template monthly (as I do with all my templates with calendars on them), so you will always have 12 months of planning ready to go. Remember to check slidesmania.com regularly to get your updated copy. Once you have it, you’ll only need to copy the new months and paste them onto your original copy of the planner.


Duplicate an existing daily planner layout or click on + to add more daily planner slides to start planning your days.

I’ve included layouts with and without placeholders for the month and daily views. If you want to choose one or the other, right click on the slide, select “Apply layout” and select the layout you want.

The little circle scribble is for you to copy / paste / move and mark the day of the week. Please note that if you click on + instead of duplicating slides, you’ll need to copy and paste it from an existing slide.


You can link your slides by selecting the day of the month (double click it), once selected, right click it and select “Link”, then choose the slide you want to link the day to.

The planner is available in both Google Slides and PowerPoint formats. And you can also export it as PDF to use it with any note taking app.