My personal Dashboard, free 2024 digital planner.

Empower Your Productivity with My Personal Dashboard, free for Google Slides and PowerPoint.

The planner is all set up and ready to use. Simply click on the slides to start adding your notes and plans. You can easily add more slides by duplicating or copying and pasting existing ones.

To personalize your planner, go to Slide > Edit Theme > Colors and adjust the color scheme to your liking. You can also modify the overall template design while editing the theme.

This comprehensive personal dashboard provides a centralized platform to organize, manage, and track your various aspects of life.

Key Features:

  • Monthly Views: Gain an overview of your entire month at a glance, scheduling appointments, deadlines, and events effectively.
  • Weekly Views: Break down your tasks and schedule into manageable chunks for each week, ensuring you stay on top of your commitments.
  • Notes Section: Capture and organize your thoughts, ideas, and important information in a dedicated space.
  • Contacts Section: Keep your essential contacts readily accessible, ensuring you never miss a crucial connection.
  • Birthdays and Important Dates: Stay informed about upcoming birthdays, anniversaries, and other significant occasions.
  • Finances Tracker: Monitor your financial situation, track expenses, and plan your budget effectively.
  • Teacher’s Toolkit: Specifically designed for educators, organize lesson plans, and use the contact slides for students’ information.
  • Custom Sections: Create additional sections to suit your unique needs and preferences, making it truly your personal productivity hub.

You can also set it up and save it as PDF to utilize it with any note taking app.