Free 2024 digital planner for Google Slides and PowerPoint.

Kickstart your year with this brand-new digital planner, free for Google Slides and PowerPoint.

All links are set, and text boxes are ready for your notes and plans. To add more slides, simply duplicate (or copy and paste) existing slides, ensuring you retain the embedded links.

Personalize your planner: Click Slide > Edit theme > Colors to adjust the color scheme to your liking. While editing the theme, you can also modify the overall template design.

This free digital planner includes:

  • Monthly views to plan your entire month at a glance
  • Weekly views to break down your tasks and schedule
  • Four different note-taking layouts: blank, grid, dotted, and ruled
  • Contacts section to keep your important information organized
  • Birthdays and important dates section to ensure you never miss a special occasion
  • Digital stickers to add a touch of fun and personalization

You can also save this digital planner as a PDF and use it with most digital note-taking apps.