Teacher Digital Planner – 2024 January to December version.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Customizable yearly planner template for teachers.

I adapted the Edu Planner (July to July) for one of my virtual friends, so in case someone wanted to use it from January to December, or for those in the southern hemisphere, here it is.

To set it up, follow the same directions on the Free Edu Digital Planner made with Google Slides with hyperlinks – From July to July description.

As usual, this planner made in Google Slides is 100% customizable. And you can set it up and use it as is in Google Slides or PowerPoint or you can save it as PDF and use it with apps like GoodNotes or Notability, or even save it as JPEG and use it on OneNote.

I’ve included 13 slides for months (month calendars), one day slide with hours and one without (you can use either one of them, just delete the slide you won’t use and duplicate the desired one before using it), and one simple week slide and one lesson plan week slide (same as with the day slides, duplicate them before using them), for each month. I have also added 7 blank notes-slides for you to use as you wish.