Rainbow, undated Digital Planner.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Free undated digital planner for Google Slides or PowerPoint. Or save it as PDF and use it with GoodNotes, Notability or similars.

A new FREE digital planner, this time undated, so it doesn’t matter when you are reading this, you can click download PowerPoint or Open in Google Slides and you are ready to start planning!

But first, you’ll need to set it up. If you follow the video below, you’ll see is quite simple to do so.

Setting up the digital planner.

To update the cover, double click on each XX and type the year. Then, click on Edit > Find and Replace, to update the year on every month slide. Find: YEAR 20XX, Replace with: The year you are setting up.

You’ll see some “smudges” on top of each month and week view slides. Those “smudges” are piles of little images corresponding to the days of the month.

Just click on it and drag the days to their corresponding slot for each month.

To update the week views, drag the days for that week, and then cut the pile of images and paste it on the next week, drag the days, and then again, cut the pile and paste it on the next, and so on.

All colors are set by theme colors, so if you want to change them, you can edit the master and change the theme colors.

All tabs are already linked. So if you click on the month, it will take you to the month view. And within each month, if you click on the week number, it will take you to the view of that week.