Smartphone app interactive template.

Free PowerPoint template and Google Slides theme.

Class Hub App template. For announcements, schedule, contact info and more.

Many teachers asked me for a template like this, so here it is.

I’ve included 9 main “apps” and a menu with 8 options.

The main “apps” are: Announcements, Month Calendar, Ongoing Projects, Pictures, Schedule, School Info, Contact, Important Links and Birthdays.

You can modify these titles by clicking on Edit > Find and Replace. And if you want to change the icons, go to Slide > Edit theme, Select the Master Layout (theme) and replace the icons for others that will represent best your “apps”. Remember that you can create your own icons with Autodraw!

You can also change its colors by editing the Theme, click on Colors and change them! I’ve used them all except for accent 6. If you have doubts, you can check this video on how to customize it:

How to update / edit the calendar

A lot of people asked how to update the calendar, so I made this quick video showing how to:

Things to keep in mind:

If you want the images to be clickable to see them enlarged, insert a link to the original image.

If the images are in your Drive, remember to create a shared folder (everyone with the link can view) and save the images there. Otherwise you will receive a lot of requests for access.

When sharing the link to this file with your students and their parents, click on Share, select everyone with the link can view, get the link and replace everything from /edit to the end of the URL with /preview?rm=minimal

This is so the navigation bar doesn’t get in the way.