Special Requests

Sometimes I receive emails or messages through Twitter with special requests and even though I cannot promise dates, or anything really (my job doesn’t leave me much free time, it’s only me behind SlidesMania and because I’m not a designer some requests exceed my skills or knowledge), I DO try my best.

Some of those requests are for general use and they get bumped up to templates, like the Mr. G, the Ana Maria or the Sarah. And sometimes they are quite specific, so from now on, those will be published on this section.

If you have a special request, join the conversation in Twitter!

A Pinterest Boards Template.

Some schools don’t have access to Pinterest, so we received a special request to make a template for an activity where students could gather and arrange images and information into look alike Pinterest boards.

Google Keep Headers.

Some people were wondering about how to make customized headers for Google Keep. So, I made this template for them. Edit it with your titles and subtitles, add images, emojis, icons or even pictures and you are ready to go. I wasn’t going to upload it on the site, but I received many inquiries about it, so here you have it.

Bricks & Words for English and ESL/ELL students based on the Frayer Model.

Well, the title says it all. It includes a little game called “Can you guess the word?” where students have to guess the hidden word behind the bricks by tearing the wall down clue by clue.